Young Guns of Arizona is the premier Central Arizona full service gunsmith operation specializing in custom rifles and handguns. We offer a full range of general gunsmith services in addition to sights and optics installation, cleaning and maintenance, trigger work, general gun repair, and more.

We service all types of firearms and most makes and models as well as custom rifles and pistols, bringing you high quality precision guns that are accurate, traditionally elegant and reliable.

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Action Jobs

How’s the trigger action on your revolver? Do you want your revolver’s trigger lighter and smoother? The most important interface between firearm and shooter is the trigger. Whether it’s a single or double action revolver or a semi-automatic pistol, we’ll bring your handgun’s action to perfection.

Muzzle Brakes

At Young Guns, we believe in precision, superior function and absolute accuracy when building or servicing a rifle. Proper installation of a muzzle brake is essential for your rifle’s optimum accuracy. A muzzle brake will stop barrel whip, recoil and vibration ensuring a straighter, more accurate shot.

After Market Sights

We install aftermarket sights and scope mounting on your firearm, suggesting the optimal optic mounting system for optimal performance of your firearm.

Custom Hunting Rifles

You’ve researched, read up, visited the gun shops, searched the forums, and asked all the right technical and hard questions. Let’s now build the custom rifle you’ve always wanted. We build custom rifles including long range, extreme long range, benchrest, tactical, and hunting.


Young Guns offers custom barrels to your liking. If you desire a more accurate rifle, to change the caliber of your rifle, increase or decrease weight of your rifle or prefer to customize the look of your rifle, our custom barreling services will provide that for you.

Custom Hand Grips

You buy your handguns for many reasons. Regardless of your intentions, a handgun that’s comfortable in your hands matters. You might want to change the look of your hand gun or you’re searching for more stability in the grip of your hand gun. Regardless the reason: comfort, appearance, stability, precision of your shot or otherwise, if you’re deciding to customize your handgun grips, we’re here to assist you.


We can service and build a custom barrel for your G2 or Encore.

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