Engraving or Etching?

Engraving or Etching?

As a gun owner or enthusiast you may want to be sure you know the difference between etching and engraving. They are not the same. It is not uncommon for the terms to be used incorrectly in the industry. Be aware that some may claim a gun is engraved when it is actually etched.

Engraving can actually be dated as far back to the mid 1400s. It takes time, effort and skill. The process of engraving requires more ability than etching because the artist has to carve a design into the firearm. This takes extreme talent, great vision and a steady hand. It’s a tedious and time consuming process and it will likely be, in part, why your gun has a hefty price tag. Remember, engraving is an art done by a true artist and takes time!

It was in the early 17th century that etching surfaced. Etching is a very simple process: The gunsmith covers the firearm with a stencil and then the etching pad, which looks much like an ink pad, is set and held directly on top of the stencil. The etching pad is then lifted off the firearm and the design is made. There is much less creativity or skill in this process.

Be informed as you make your gun purchase!

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Note: The gun in the image is not engraved by Mike Beltran.

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